About MyPomPom

So, here we are! MyPomPom team: Lyubomira, Tzvetin and Vela!

Sharing life and common dreams!

I, Lyubomira, being one happy mom with a handful experience in fashion and lingerie design, have a great passion for designing small intricate objects and ornaments. With lots of love and care I pick for you the best MyPomPom selection of designs, colors and teases.

Tzvetin is a web developer and programmer taking care of all the technical MyPomPom aspects. And of course, he is the greatest fan. He is one big of a PomPom ;).

Vela…is simply Vela - the MyPomPom inspiration!

Last winter during one of our ski trips with friends, playing silly and having fun, we noticed that all of us have pompons, but one. And we thought how cool will be if we can just clip a pompon on his hat as well as change the other pompons and mix-match them based on the occasion, our clothes and mood.

It took us some time to come up with the most practical way to clip it so MyPomPom is really easy and convenient to be used. We picked cool basic colors and combinations that we hope you like.

Enjoy and wear your MyPomPom with a big smile!