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Of MyPomPom,
Owned by the company CHINCHO 7 Ltd.
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Company data: CHINCHO 7  Ltd., ID# 202991402
Registered address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1421, 7 Sveti Sedmichislenici  Str., apt.2.
Mailing address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1421, 7 Sveti Sedmichislenici  Str., apt.2;


  • This document contains the General terms and conditions under which MyPomPom provides services to its Clients through the online store.
  • After clicking the “Place order” button, the Client agrees to purchase the goods contained in their “Shopping cart”. This action is legally binding. The Client receives an order confirmation, upon which  the contract is considered signed.
  • The services offered by MyPomPom are addressed only to adult clients over 18 years.
  • The contractual language in the English version of the sites of MyPomPom is English. All prices and payments in the English version subject to these General terms and conditions are in euro (EUR) and include VAT.
  • MyPomPom reserves the right to change the General terms and conditions for use of the online store.
  • MyPomPom does not take responsibility for any failure to carry out its obligations set out in these General terms and conditions in cases of force majeure events that the company has not foreseen or has been required to foresee – including accidental events, problems in the global Internet network and the provision of services beyond the control MyPomPom.
  • Any matters that are not settled in these General terms and conditions will be governed by and construed according to the law of the Republic of Bulgaria.




  1. MyPomPom guarantees  the confidentiality of the information and personal data provided by the Clients. Subject to applicable laws and these General terms and conditions.
  2. MyPomPom does not require from Clients confidential information like bank account numbers, bank card details or personal passwords.
  3. The Client assumes full responsibility for the protection of the username and password and for all actions performed by him/her or by a third party using your username and password. The Client is obliged to inform the team of MyPomPom immediately in case of unauthorized access by using his username and password, and whenever there is a risk of such use.
  4. MyPomPom is entitled to send to its Clients promotional messages in the form of a newsletter to a registered email address in order to inform them about possible changes, new products and promotions only on condition that the client has given consent.
  5. MyPomPom takes measures for protection of the Clients’ personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (
  6. At any time MyPomPom reserves the right to request from the Client to legitimize and verify the accuracy of all personal data as well as any of the data provided during the registration process.




  1. The items that are placed on the site of the online store MyPomPom does not constitute a legally binding offer. They are a demonstrative online catalog describing the range of products offered.
  2. Copying of any of the texts from the pages of MyPomPom and publishing them on other sites without the written consent of MyPomPom is forbidden.
  3. It is allowed to quote texts from the pages of MyPomPom by placing the following text: “Source: MyPomPom” and a link to
  4. MyPomPom reserves the right to change prices for available items without prior notification of its Clients..




  1. The Clients use the interface of the websites owned by MyPomPom in order to enter into a contract of sale for the products offered on the websites of portal MyPomPom shop.
  2. The contract is entered in English.
  3. The contract of sale between MyPomPom shop and the Client is represented by the General terms and conditions that can be accessed at
  4. The party of the contract of sale with MyPomPom shop is the Client as stated in the data provided when the purchase of products or the registration of a Client’s account on the website is made. In order to avoid any doubt, this is the data entered when an account is created or a purchase is made on any of the websites owned by MyPomPom shop.
  5. This contract of sales is deemed as concluded from the moment of the Client’s completion of registration or purchase of products request via all MyPomPom shop websites.
  6. MyPomPom shop deliveres the products to the delivery address provided by the Clients and is not responsible in any case of provision of wrong or misleading information by the Client.




  1. Under this contract of sale, MyPomPom shop is obliged to deliver and transfer the ownership of all products purchased by the Client through all MyPomPom websites.
  2. The Clients remunerate MyPomPom shop for all the products delivered under the current General terms and conditions of the websites of MyPomPom. This remuneration is also the price listed by MyPomPom on the websites of MyPomPom shop.
  3. MyPomPom shop delivers the ordered by the Clients products within the stated deadlines and current General terms and conditions of the websites of MyPomPom.
  4. The price of the delivery is specifically stated and is listed separately from the price of the product.
  5. The Client and MyPomPom shop agree that all statements between them in relation to the execution of the contract of sale shall be made electronically through electronic means within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act and Art. 11 of the Bulgarian Law on Electronic Commerce.
  6. It is assumed that all electronic statements, made by the Clients of the websites of MyPomPom shop, are made by the persons listed in the data provided by the Client upon registration (if the Client has such) or during purchase of products.
  7. In order to use the websites of MyPomPom and enter into the contract of sale, the Client should enter a user ID and password in the cases when registration is required. The user ID and password for remote access are defined by the Client via online registration with the website owned by MyPomPom confirms the registration of the Client with an registration confirmation email sent to the email address provided by the Client.
  8. The email address provided at the time of registration by the Client, as well as any other email address used to exchange statements between the Client and MyPomPom, is considered to be the primary contact email address under these General terms and conditions. The Client has the right to change their primary contact email address. Such change can be made through the option menu in the My Account section.
  9. MyPomPom shop delivers the products to the Client in the stated timeframe upon entering the contract of sale.
  10. The possible invalidity of any provision of these terms and conditions shall not invalidate the entire contract.
  11. All disputes between the parties to this contract shall be settled by the competent court in Bulgaria or the Commission for Consumer Protection under the law of Republic of Bulgaria.
    Dispute Resolution in the European Commission.